Eat San Sebastian team comprises a group of San Sebastian native enthusiasts hooked on gastronomy and their town. We would love to be your accomplice during your visit and show you all those places that have gained international recognition for our gastronomic culture. With our team, you will live unique experiences that will make you feel part of this little corner of the world.

Naiara Garro


She had to leave San Sebastian at the age of 17 to discover other worlds, people and appetites. Now she venerates her hometown and Basque gastronomy. Learning to cook the fish soup or the baby stuffed squid like her mother is a real challenge.

Journalist by profession, her passion for gastronomy led her to work for a food PR agency when she landed in London. She was amazed by the food movement in London as well as the success of the Spanish restaurants and gastronomy. Thanks to her connections in the culinary scene of her country and the new ones made in London, Eat San Sebastian was born with great desire to share the wonders of the Basque cuisine and culture with other  travellers.

Juan Mari Sanz

Guide and cook

His strong connection to the sea goes back over a few generations. He belongs to a family where everyone fished for a living: his father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all fishing captains. As it couldn’t be any other way, his relationship with the fish world was almost immediate and after working on a fishing vessel in the open sea, he ran two fish markets for years.

He also lived in the UK for some time and to learn about the country. Now he’s back both in San Sebastian and the world of fish, working as a teacher for the new generations who want to dedicate their lives to this profession. There’s no traditional recipe you can’t learn to cook with Juan Mari and you will also learn how to clean and identify the best fresh fish.

Amaia Quintana

Guide and event management

She’s an enthusiast of her home town and enjoys every single moment and everything San Sebastian has to offer; its people, its gastronomy, and its character. She loves travelling, meeting people and learning about new cultures when she’s not working.

With more than 6 years of experience in the leisure and tourism industry, she’s been dedicating herself to event planning and public relations in San Sebastian, combining what she likes most: sharing her town and dealing with people. In her hands, you will be able to organise any plan or event you bear in mind. She’s the perfect person to recommend you endless plans and itineraries.

Merche Luque


Her extrovert nature, curiosity, and eagerness to learn about other cultures plus some of the songs of one of her favourite bands in her 20s, The Clash, urged her to travel to London to learn about the British culture and get to speak the language. She stayed for 11 years, lived great experiences and satisfied her desire for travelling.

A few years later, she landed in San Sebastian and fell in love with this marvellous city where she discovered an ancient but close culture where almost everything revolves around gastronomy. Her favourite moment is the time she spends to stroll along the Paseo Nuevo, near the Cantabrian sea, to join her “cuadrilla” (group of friends in Spanish) in a gastronomic society and enjoy one of the best cuisines, the Basque cuisine.

Lorena Garro


She discovered how much she enjoys mingling with people from different cultural backgrounds at the early age of 14 when she went to the UK to study. This is how she learned the importance of feeling home when travelling, how that makes a difference. She also started to become aware of the uniqueness of the Basque cuisine. After all, homemade food is one of the first things you miss when you go away! She then decided she would love to make people feel home and part of the family in her hometown, San Sebastian.

She’s been working as an interpreter throughout the Basque Country for a few years, showing people around and sharing different types of experiences. That’s how she feels most in her element.